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High Quality Canvas Printing from your Jpegs, tiff, Pdf or from most applications. We can scale up your artwork, re-size or crop your image to any size you require and supply custom Canvas sizes if required. Stretching onto 30mm frames with standard wrap or gallery wrap.Simply order your Canvas prints here to your specifications and we will supply ready to hang. Service time with stretching is around 5 to 7 days.

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Information on our Canvas Printing

Stretching Info.
The stretchers we use are 30mm kiln dried timber which can be used to provide a standard 30mm deep frame side.
The sizes in our calculator are for the front face area. If you select Gallery wrap, we will print your image larger in order to wrap the image around the sides.
So remember to take into account that you will lose 60mm of image (30mm each side) if you select the Gallery Wrap finish.

The Finish

Standard Wrap.
Canvas is stretched overr 30mm width frames. Your image stops flush with the front of the canvas and has a white edge showing on the sides.

Gallery Wrap.
Canvas is stretched over 30mm width frames and has the image showing on the sides. We have to enlarge your image larger than the size you selected so as we can wrap the image around the sides.

Pic 2

Canvas Stretching.
Quality Stretching to a very high standard. Corners are finished perfectly and edges taped for that quality touch.
Wedges are tapped in to provide tension to the canvas and can be adjusted later if needed. Fitted with brass brackets ready for you to hang flush to wall.


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