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There are three high quality poster papers we offer...

The 170 gsm Satin or Gloss Photo Base Paper... is widely used for most indoor poster printing applications and is our most popular. Printed at 1200x600dpi using dye inks. We also use this product when providing mounted and laminated Display and Exhibition boards. In fact 85% of our work is done on this paper. It's vibrant white, and sharp brilliant photo-quality images make this a superb all round paper.
The ideal choice for academics displaying their medical posters at conferences or meetings' point of sale in store or for any use indoors away from direct sunlight. The vibrancy and colour rendition really does show with this 'Photo base' paper.

The 190gm Satin or Gloss Photo Base... UV resistant is a high quality micro-porous coated paper which has archival qualities for long term exhibition , window and temporary outdoor applications*. An excellent all round paper with crisp sharp images and superb colour rendition. UV stable printing at a budget price. Used for long term window displays, framed displays, reception displays, mounted exhibition prints, A-Frame or *short term outdoor where the normal dye based posters would fade under strong sunlight.

*With lamination

NEW to our range. (this replaces the 210gsm paper)
260gm D-Tec Instant Dry Satin / Glossy Photo RC Paper..

resistant and is our top of the range Photo paper. A smooth, subtle and sophisticated paper that will give your images the patina of perfection. This is for the user who requires a highest quality photo-quality poster coupled with archival qualities. Printed at a stunning 2400x1200dpi, using HP's Vivera pigment inks as standard, so your print will certainly last the test of time.

D-Tec Instant Dry Satin / Glossy Photo RC Paper is a new technology paper specially designed to be compatible with aqueous piezo wide-format printers, but also it is equally compatible with thermal wide format printers. It accepts both dye and pigment inks, and is touch-dry immediately after printing.
(Although instant dry porous coated media is touch-dry straight out of the printer, it is recommended that prints are left to dry fully before laminating. As with other inkjet papers, it is recommended at media is left for 24 hours for consistent results.)

Suitable for printing photographic images, exhibition panels and other graphics on many different printer types with rapid dry times, this paper has an instant dry porous ink receiving layer. As with all other porous ink jet papers, lamination of the image is recommended for optimum print life.

Technical Specification
Weight ISO536 260gsm
Opacity ISO2471 >98.5%
Caliper ISO536 10mil (265 micron)
Pre Print Gloss (20°) >35%


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