High Quality Discounted Foldable Fabric Posters

Your fabrics will be printed to the highest quality after installing the latest equipment specifically for printing onto fabrics.
From this page you can order either the 60gm lightweight fabric or the 180gsm Premium Woven Fabric.
The price you see is what you pay, excluding the postage of course which can be selected in the checkout.

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60gm Left and the 180gm Right

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Page sizes for Powerpoint files IMPORTANT please read

Landscape or Portrait?
The sizes in the calculator are for costing your poster size. The orientation of your poster can be landscape or portrait it does not matter. If you set up your document to Portrait and order any of the sizes it will be printed at that size in Portrait. Same applies for Landscape.
Preparing your Powerpoint files.
It is Important to set your slide size exactly to the print size you require. If you don't, then we will print as close as possible to the size you have ordered.
To do this you need to go into Slide setup or in the later versions go to Design, then page setup. You need to manually enter the correct page size to the size of print you require.

The picture below show the page has been set to an A3 landscape.
Do not rely on just selecting A3 from the powerpoint size dropdown

powerpoint page sizes

Landscape A size (swap the dimentions for a portrait poster)
A0 1188mm x 841mm
A1 841mm x 594mm
A2 594mm x 420mm
A3 420mm x 297mm
Please also upload a PDF file of your design along with your powerpoint file. We can't possibly have all the fonts so If you use non system fonts then these could reflow and get replaced without our knowledge.
Supplying a Pdf means we can check one against the other.
The 180gm Premium Fabric is a thicker fabric which means it is more opaque than the 60gm. Both are soft fabrics which fold well with minimal creasing which usually drops out once displayed.
The 180gm has the benefit of being waterproof coupled with excellent colour vibrancy. This is printed on our new printer at 1200 dpi with very eco friendly inks.
The 60gm is very lightweight and the print quality is excellent and pin sharp. If you have large areas of white on your design however, the whites can appear dull if the wall your hanging it on behind is dark. Still a superb fabric for the price.

Quantities over 1 will get an additional discount applied automatically and you can see the true cost on screen. These are also the greenest inks and fabrics on the market. Grouping orders together with your colleagues can gain you a 10% or 20% discount on your posters. See the scale of discounts below.
(1 box is supplied per order, if you order multiple posters we send them together in deeper boxes) You can purchase additional boxes if required from our accessory page.
Printed from your Powerpoint, Pdf, jpeg or tiff formats. Multiple delivery options from First Class Recorded to Special delivery by 9.00am next day (velcro & pins included)
Despatched in 'post office proof' A4 plastic boxes perfect for your flight bag.

(Discounts are applied to your poster quantities ordered regardless of how many files you upload and are deducted automatically)
Example, if you want 1 x A1 off 3 separate files, enter Qty 3 in the calculator and get the 2-5 off discount.
2-5off = 10% discount - 6-20off = 20% discount- over 21off = 30% Discount